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The Working Man !!EXCLUSIVE!! Download Torrent

The annual list of popular torrent sites features well-known brands, and this year there are some notable additions. The new entrants are a pair of gaming-focused sites; and

The Working Man Download Torrent

We have limited the list to English-language torrent sites, which means that sites such as,, and are not included, despite the fact that they have substantial traffic numbers.

Below is the full list of the top ten most-visited torrent site domains at the start of the new year. The list is based on various traffic reports. Please note that this list is created as a historical record, to keep track of the popularity of these sites over time. is a popular resurrection of the anime torrent site NYAA. While there is fierce competition from alternative pirate streaming sites, the torrent portal continues to do well, climbing two positions compared to last year.

Launched a little over four years ago, TorrentGalaxy is a relatively new torrent site. It has a dedicated group of uploaders and an active community. In addition to torrents, TorrentGalaxy also makes some releases available for streaming.

Disclaimer: Proxies and clear copycats are excluded. Please keep in mind that many sites have mirrors or alternative domains, which are often not taken into account here. The yearly list is published as an informational / news resource. The 2022 torrent site list is archived.

Also, can any of the peers send me a whole fake file? For example, if I download a .torrent file which should download a file with hash sum A, and a peer sends me a file with hash sum B, will the torrent client notice that and block it?

If a peer send fake or corrupted chunks this will be detected when the whole piece has been received and the hash check fails.A peer that repeatedly sends bad data will be blocked, but there is some leeway because corruption may naturally occur sometimes in a data transfer.A good client has heuristics to find out exactly what peer(s) sent bad data by comparing the chunks sent in the piece that failed the hash check, with the chunks in the same piece when it has been re-downloaded and passed the hash check.

You're much more likely to be at risk of someone putting up a "trap" torrent online that's designed to contain a virus or malicious content, but that would have been created by attackers and seeded by them as well (plus anyone who fell for the trap).

Torrents rely heavily on the SHA-1 hash function: torrents are split into equally sized pieces and each piece's SHA-1 hash is kept in the info section of the torrent, which itself is identified and hence protected by its SHA-1 hash.

SHA-1 is showing signs of weakening. For example, early this year, an attack was published that allows a large organisation like a state actor or corporation, or a wealthy individual, to produce two different blocks of data with the same SHA-1 hash. This is not quite the same thing as finding a collision for an existing block of data though, and mainly for this reason the attack could only be practically used against the hashes of the pieces for now and even then it wouldn't be possible to take over an third-party torrent, you'd have to produce your own. For now. It could be that a full collision attack isn't far off. Every year the chance that someone secretly has a full attack of SHA-1 increases.

The authors of the attack also published a way to harden SHA-1 though. The idea is to detect likely SHA-1 collisions and modify them in such a way that the different blocks of data get a different hash again. Technically this hardened SHA-1 is different from SHA-1, but since as far as we know no full attack of SHA-1 exists yet, for now non-malicious files will in all likelihood have the same hardened and regular SHA-1 hash so software relying on SHA-1 will keep working and only malicious files will have different hashes. But this fix will only help if software uses it and so far the most popular software library for torrenting hasn't fixed its implementation.

First of all: a torrent tracker is not something optional in the BitTorrent world. Without trackers, you would not be able to start your downloads. It means that your torrent will be stuck at 0% because it cannot find any seeds or peers. If you add a torrent to your torrent program by downloading a .torrent file or clicking a magnet link, it will already contain a reference to 1 or a small list of trackers.

So by adding (more) trackers, your downloads will not get stuck at zero percent (or somewhere in the middle). Secondly, your overall downloads speed will increase, so that in the end your downloads will finish quickly.

Adding new trackers (coming from the torrent tracker list below) to your torrent program is relatively easy. But, it depends on your preferred program how it works exactly. The principle of adding trackers is the same for all programs though, so if you follow below steps, you should be able to replicate these steps for your program.

If you followed these simple steps, you should have succesfully added the trackers for your torrent. You should note that these steps should be repeated for every torrent file you are downloading. Now the torrent download should start to add more seeds and peers, this is because the new trackers will keep track of more connected users who are also downloading and uploading the concerned torrent file.

aria2 is a utility for downloading files. The supported protocols areHTTP(S), FTP, SFTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink. aria2 can download afile from multiple sources/protocols and tries to utilize your maximumdownload bandwidth. It supports downloading a file from HTTP(S)/FTP/SFTP and BitTorrent at the same time, while the data downloaded fromHTTP(S)/FTP/SFTP is uploaded to the BitTorrent swarm. Using Metalinkchunk checksums, aria2 automatically validates chunks of data whiledownloading a file.

--max-concurrent-downloads limits the number of itemswhich are downloaded concurrently. --split and--min-split-size affect the number of connectionsinside each item. Imagine that you have an input file (see--input-file option) like this:

Here is 2 download items. aria2 can download these itemsconcurrently if the value more than or equal 2 is given to--max-concurrent-downloads. In each download item, youcan configure the number of connections using --split and/or --min-split-size, etc.

Check file integrity by validating piece hashes or a hash of entirefile. This option has effect only in BitTorrent, Metalink downloadswith checksums or HTTP(S)/FTP downloads with--checksum option. Ifpiece hashes are provided, this option can detect damaged portionsof a file and re-download them. If a hash of entire file isprovided, hash check is only done when file has been alreadydownload. This is determined by file length. If hash check fails,file is re-downloaded from scratch. If both piece hashes and a hashof entire file are provided, only piece hashes are used. Default:false

Continue downloading a partially downloaded file.Use this option to resume a download started by a web browser or anotherprogram which downloads files sequentially from the beginning.Currently this option is only applicable to HTTP(S)/FTP downloads.

The help messages are classified with tags. A tag starts with#. For example, type --help=#http to get the usage for theoptions tagged with #http. If non-tag word is given, print theusage for the options whose name includes that word. AvailableValues: #basic, #advanced, #http, #https, #ftp,#metalink, #bittorrent, #cookie, #hook, #file, #rpc,#checksum, #experimental, #deprecated, #help, #allDefault: #basic

Use a proxy server for all protocols. To override a previouslydefined proxy, use "". You also can override this setting and specify aproxy server for a particular protocol using --http-proxy,--https-proxy and --ftp-proxy options. This affects alldownloads.The format of PROXY is [http://][USER:PASSWORD@]HOST[:PORT].See also ENVIRONMENT section.

Set checksum. TYPE is hash type. The supported hash type is listedin Hash Algorithms in aria2c -v. DIGEST is hex digest. Forexample, setting sha-1 digest looks like this:sha-1=0192ba11326fe2298c8cb4de616f4d4140213838 This option appliesonly to HTTP(S)/FTP downloads.

If true is given, aria2 just checks whether the remote file isavailable and doesn't download data. This option has effect onHTTP/FTP download. BitTorrent downloads are canceled if true isspecified. Default: false

Close connection if download speed is lower than or equal to thisvalue(bytes per sec).0 means aria2 does not have a lowest speed limit.You can append K or M (1K = 1024, 1M = 1024K).This option does not affect BitTorrent downloads.Default: 0

If aria2 receives "file not found" status from the remote HTTP/FTPservers NUM times without getting a single byte, then force thedownload to fail. Specify 0 to disable this option. This optionsis effective only when using HTTP/FTP servers. The number of retryattempt is counted toward --max-tries, so it should beconfigured too.

aria2 does not split less than 2*SIZE byte range. For example,let's consider downloading 20MiB file. If SIZE is 10M, aria2 cansplit file into 2 range [0-10MiB) and [10MiB-20MiB) and download itusing 2 sources(if --split >= 2, of course). If SIZE is 15M,since 2*15M > 20MiB, aria2 does not split file and download it using1 source. You can append K or M (1K = 1024, 1M = 1024K).Possible Values: 1M -1024M Default: 20M

You cannot specify a file name for Metalink or BitTorrent downloads.The file name specified here is only used when the URIs fed to aria2are given on the command line directly, but not when using--input-file, --force-sequential option.

Specify piece selection algorithm used in HTTP/FTP download. Piecemeans fixed length segment which is downloaded in parallel insegmented download. If default is given, aria2 selects piece sothat it reduces the number of establishing connection. This isreasonable default behavior because establishing connection is anexpensive operation. If inorder is given, aria2 selects piecewhich has minimum index. Index=0 means first of the file. This willbe useful to view movie while downloading it.--enable-http-pipelining option maybe useful to reduce re-connection overhead. Please note that aria2honors--min-split-size option,so it will be necessary to specify a reasonable value to--min-split-size option.If random is given, aria2 selects piece randomly. Likeinorder, --min-split-size option is honored.If geom is given, at the beginning aria2 selects piece which hasminimum index like inorder, but it exponentially increasinglykeeps space from previously selected piece. This will reduce thenumber of establishing connection and at the same time it willdownload the beginning part of the file first. This will be usefulto view movie while downloading it.Default: default


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