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Myron Markov

Cucumber Gatorade Where To Buy ((FULL))

Yep. They got the cucumber taste down. Not really convinced on the lime. It tastes way synthetic to be a believable lime. The cucumber has a natural taste, but the aftertaste has a hint of artificial. It is pretty darn strong too, the cucumber taste I mean.

cucumber gatorade where to buy

Like ranking the most famous members of Destiny's Child, Lime Cucumber sits on a throne that overlooks the rest of the Thirst Quencher family. In the over ten years since its release in 2011, "Limon Pepino" (or Lime Cucumber) remains among the most divisive flavors of Gatorade on the market (via Maxim). But the meme-driven backlash, as seen on Daily Status, is beyond us. The crisp, unobtrusive marriage of the two flavors begins predominantly with cucumber on both the nose and palate with a little elbow room on the back end for the gentle sour tones of lime. Unlike even some of the best flavors in the Thirst Quencher lineup, Lime Cucumber fits every application: post-workout, hot day, hangover, even as a mixer with spirits (tequila, preferably), and doesn't leave your mouth coated in a saccharine film. It's the only Gatorade that tastes closer to fancy-infused water from a hotel lobby than Kool-Aid. Somehow, Lime Cucumber is able to capture the elusive flavor of delicate, watery, cucumbers which are even more pronounced than the lime flavor in the bottle. So technically, we think the flavor should be called "Cucumber Lime," but to split hairs over near-perfection feels ungrateful. Long live Lime Cucumber!

While flavors like Fruit Punch and Fruit Punch + Berry, all of the Strawberry variations, and the Lemon-Lime and Lemonade duo share nearly overlapping flavor profiles, Cucumber Lime plays on the tried and true strengths of Gatorade flavors (citrus) with an innovative wink to youth culture (cucumber). While so many of the latest Gatorade flavors skate by on their strange colors and cool (but confusing) names, Cucumber Lime fits in the lineup of existing flavors as an irreplaceable gem for the brand. 041b061a72


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