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Waylon Reed
Waylon Reed

Hermeneutical Spiral : A Comprehensive Introduc... PATCHED

Finally, the contextual or theological research completes the task of interpretation, moving us from the textual meaning (what the Bible meant) to the contextual meaning (what the Bible means for us today). The hermeneutical spiral takes place not only at the level of original intended meaning, as our understanding spirals upward (via the interaction of inductive and deductive research) to the intended meaning of the passage, but also at the level of contextualization, as our application spirals upward (via the movement from biblical to systematic to homiletical theology) to a proper understanding of the significance of the passage for Christian life today. Biblical theology collates the partial theologies of individual passages and books into an archetypal theology of Israel and the early church (thus integrating the Testaments). Historical theology studies the way the church throughout history has contextualized biblical theology to meet the challenges and needs of the church at various stages of its historical development. Systematic theology recontextualizes biblical theology to address current problems and to summarize theological truth for the current generation. Finally, homiletical theology (so called to stress that the sermon preparation is part of the hermeneutical task) applies the results of each of these steps to the practical needs of Christians today.

Hermeneutical Spiral : A Comprehensive Introduc...

He specialized in biblical hermeneutics, the Gospels and the book of Revelation.[2] He is best known for his concept of the "hermeneutical spiral",[3] denoting an "upward and constructive process of moving from earlier pre-, understanding to fuller understanding, and the returning back to check and to review the need for correction or change in this preliminary understanding."[4] 041b061a72


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