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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Myron Markov
Myron Markov

Wizoo Darbuka Vst Free 31

darbuka-nut is a free percussion sound module developed by Volko Audio, featuring the sounds of a nut darbuka (aka goblet drum). The instrument is released as a free VST/AU/RTAS plugin for Windows and Mac OS X based plugin hosts.

Wizoo Darbuka Vst Free 31

Download Zip:

Providing access to the sampled performances in both of these plug-ins, and allowing users to manipulate them and inject something of their own personality is Wizoo's new Flexgroove virtual-instrument engine, a technological development which is apparently planned for use in more Wizoo libraries. As you might expect, both libraries allow you to play back their looped performances at any tempo while sync'ed to a host sequencer (triggering via an attached MIDI keyboard or on-screen with a mouse), but Flexgroove goes further than that. You can customise the final arrangement, loosen or tighten a performance with timing effects, quantise performances, adjust Complexity (which makes a sampled performance more or less busy) and freely set level and pan for all instruments. And all this is done via an intuitive graphical front end.

The collection's name is also the name of one of the drums being played: it's a single-headed, waisted, hollow hand drum played with both hands that's found all over the Middle East. Also in the set is the 'douhola', a kind of bass darbuka. 'Bendir' and 'riqq' are both circular hand-held frame drums, the latter being rather like a small tambourine. Finger cymbals are an effective part of the mix: the small ones are called 'sagat', the larger 'tura'. The collection also features, rather less exotically, bongos and shaker. They need no introduction to SOS readers, but fit well with the rest of the ensemble. A reversed darbuka or douhola hit also appears in some styles.

The vertical Style/Pattern list on the right is also visible in all three operating windows. Initially, the Patterns will all be related, producing rhythmic elements that belong to the selected Style, but you're free to collect Patterns from different Styles and assemble them into new Styles, to edit their playback settings and save them for future exploitation. Styles are loaded and saved via the display immediately below this part of the window.


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