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Waylon Reed
Waylon Reed

Swami Vivekananda Quotes In Telugu Language Pdf 22 |LINK|

a man is as much a sun as he is a lightning and there is no mystery about him. the mystery lies in the fact that he is not aware of his sunlike power (ivl 26). when a person is most conscious of his consciousness, he is the least able to know his true being, for then only is he completely self-possessed. this is true humility, not self-contempt. true humility implies nothing more than self-knowing, and this is to know nothing at all. to know the whole, one must know nothing at all. only when one has realized this, has one really known the whole. then one cannot see the whole, but one has realized the whole. one has attained salvation then. the basis of all human knowledge and knowledge of god, one must admit, lie in oneself.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes In Telugu Language Pdf 22

a man may differ from others in his opinions and even in his religious beliefs. but he may not differ from others in his mind or his sense of humour. he may scoff at others, but he must admit that he is his own scoffer.

madras christian college provided many opportunities for research. it had a brilliant faculty, including max mueller, the father of indo-european philology, a british colonial veteran of antiquities and culture, and a missionary's home of missionary zeal. but radhakrishnan was not drawn into the missionary orbit. the remarkable thing about his experience at madras christian college is how little he was drawn into the christian orbit. it seems that his faith in hinduism was never shaken, and he found in christianity merely a useful education. the most notable thing about it, however, was the amazing if still unexplained energy with which he was able to convert the traditional postgraduate studies of indian philosophy into his own "autobiographical" mode of self-discovery as a wise man in the world.


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