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Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better

This song is about a girl who has a boyfriend and that boyfriend does not treat her in a good way and another boy who loves the girl sees that girl is in a bad relationship so the boy expresses his meaning to the girl like he says that he won't lie to her and he knows that she is in a bad relationship also he knows that he treats better than his boyfriend and he asks the girl why you wasting your time with him and once if you say that you would like to me I just give you the love that you are missing only thing I just want to wake up with you so anything you want I will give you and any girl like you deserves a boy like me and also he asked her why you wasting all your time and wasted crying when you should be with me instead of him I promise that I won't let you down

Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better

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This song shows a girl is in a bad relationship with a guy that is treating her really badly and another guy knows about this and is trying to convince her that he can treat her better then the other guy.

I think it's deeper than that, I think what he was saying is that there is a man out there for you who will treat you better who won't lie he knows this because that man is waiting for you to chose him instead of wanting to stay with this man you say is the one. But yet you look in the mirror and in your face you know that he ain't right for you, your spending all this time crying and in a wrong situation when you can be spending it with the man that is meant for you who treat you better like you deserve.

at the 15:55 mark and forward sums it up really, even though the video shows her having an abusive relationship he is pretty douchy singing about how he could treat her better instead of just helping her out of the relationship with no rewards or any thoughts about becoming her boyfriend.

He knows that she is being hurt but she won't leave him. He knows that he can treat her a lot better than the abusive boyfriend can and he is willing to help her and wait as long as he has to to be able to be with her.

I agree with these previous interpretations. I think there is a girl that he is in love with but she already has a boyfriend, both Shawn and the girl know that this boyfriend is being cruel to her. But she won't leave him (for whatever weird reason) and he is promising her that he can treat her better, and saying she doesn't deserve this treatment.

it about a girl who has abusive boyfriend who lies to her cheat and get her into trouble and most importantly treat her wrong and so shawn say If you come with me I can treat you better and you don't have to face him by your self I will always be with you

In this song, Shawn boldly tells his love interest that he can treat her better than the man she is with. He feels that this person is being treated roughly by her current lover and promises to rescue her and give her a better relationship. 041b061a72


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