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Rather than merely being a place you pass through or use a drop zone, an entryway should create a striking first impression and a warm welcome. Think, too, about entryway decor that complements both the hallway and the front porch to make the best impression.



Avoid clutter in an entryway by fitting custom storage that becomes a hidden drop zone. This design uses the area above a door as well as the space on either side to maximize the space to stash. Storage instantly elevates any entryway, allowing you to reduce clutter and focus on what looks good in an entryway instead.

A design raised on legs keeps the floor on show so the area feels as large as possible, but in a small entryway, it can be preferable to opt for a bench with space inside for shoes and other hallway storage essentials.

Make sure you don't select furniture that blocks the flow of the space from front porch ideas to entryway to hall. You really want to look at the entire journey and make sure that the flow and movement is protected.

Natural floorings made from plant fibre are a versatile option for a high-traffic entryway. It can be fitted in the same way as carpet, used as a room square or as a rug or runner with a bound or decorative fabric or leather edge.

When in search of extra hallway storage space in an entryway, make the most of ceiling heights available. Built-in joinery or off-the-shelf solutions can provide the perfect amount of extra room to house items only used for special occasions or rarely read books. To break up a large wall of storage, use a mix of closed and open solutions.

In the back entryway of this project by Henriette von Stockhausen of VSP Interiors (opens in new tab), the deep mid-grey background is broken up with a rich damask upholstery fabric and elegant antiques. Easy to live with, this hallway paint idea looks beautiful in west- or south-facing rooms while being suitably moody in spaces with less light.

Where the entryway layout is more generous in size, make the most of it by introducing good-looking furniture and elegant fittings that result in somewhere that people might want to sit and linger. This was the approach that decorator Christian Bense (opens in new tab) took for this entryway idea for apartments.

'When working with bold patterns ensure the scale is in keeping with the ceiling height and size of the entryway and choose colors which work with the adjoining rooms,' says interior designer, Lucy Marsh.

If you've been following our Tiny Cabin makeover, you know that one of the biggest challenges has been making the most out of every nook and cranny. Our small entryway was no exception. But after a little creativity and a lot of DIY, we were able to give it an extreme makeover! I think we created one of the smallest entryways known to mankind: 33 inches wide! But, it is 7 feet long which means it had some potential for greatness. We added:

Do you have an awkward or narrow entryway like we do? Come see how I gave our small entry a makeover with DIY trim, organization ideas, an IKEA Stall shoe cabinet hack, and tons of hidden hallway storage.

The biggest problem we had with our tiny entryway was all the footwear. Shoes and boots always piled up in the hallway, and it drove me NUTS! Our little guest closet on the west wall was a disaster too. No upper or lower shelves made it hard to organize our coats and shoes. (Yes, MORE shoes.)

I knew we needed some better shoe storage, but nothing too wide for this narrow hallway. A large storage bench or anything like that was way out of the question. So, what to do? IKEA to the rescue, of course. Two IKEA Stall shoe cabinets were my storage solution jumping off point! I knew they were only 6" deep and would offer much-needed storage. They also function as an entryway table, mail drop off point and of course, I style it with seasonal entryway decor!

Even though it was one of those projects that seemed to take forever to complete (hello, caulking and painting for days!), it was all worth it. The shoe cabinets give us so much more storage while not taking up too much space, and all the trim detail matches the traditional bones of our home. I just LOVE how this entryway area turned out! And best of all, no more tripping over shoes on our way to and from the door.

One of the best ways to organize a small entrance? Use every square inch of it! I believe a beautiful board and batten wall filled with wall hooks for storage is the perfect way to organize a small space and avoid too much clutter by the front door. Creating this custom feature is a relatively straightforward DIY, and you could customize your own board and batten hook wall to completely maximize the wall space that you have in your own home's entry or mudroom area. I've created a video tutorial to show you just how easy this project really is! Watch it now to get going on your own entryway transformation.

If you live in a smaller home, you'll know that having a lot of storage options in your house is really important. This is especially true in entryways where things tend to get dropped off and piled up - having a good entry storage system in place is always helpful! But what do you do if you don't have a coat closet or a wall near your entry? Create the illusion of a formal foyer, of course! One solution to help define and provide more storage for an awkward entry is to use a floating cabinet as a dividing wall. That's what we did in our tiny cottage for a really interesting entryway design, and it worked perfectly! We used a very solid unit that has a really unique combination of doors, drawers, nooks, and shelves. This cabinet provides the perfect amount of entryway storage, a great focal point when you come in the door, and it makes the room feel nicely divided too! We created a totally functional entryway without building walls. I love it when there's an easy fix to a frustrating problem, don't you?

Is your back entryway combined with your laundry area? This mudroom/laundry room combo was a popular layout choice in houses for many years. Just in case your house has the same floor plan, I want to show you how we transformed our small Little Lake House mudroom into a functional, beautiful space! I decided that the old IKEA TV stand we were using for storage was ok, but I could make it better. I decided to give the entire area more colour, life, and functionality.

After reading through all these ideas, I hope you have learned that it is possible to have a functional, beautiful entryway even if it's small! All it takes is a bit of creativity and some DIY to get exactly what you need. Tag me @thediymommy with your entryway hacks, I would love to see them!

and whether you have a traditional entryway layout, a large and open foyer, or a small wall space on the side of your door, creating a space that feels like a representation of the rest of your home can make all the difference in inviting a warm and welcoming feeling.

Literal entryways come in all shapes and sizes. It can be a simple doorway that allows you to enter a building, a broad space with many entry points, like the side of a mall, or a large room that leads to the rest of the building.

Especially if you're dealing with a foyer that's really just the wall of another room, setting down a rug in that area will make it feel like a unified, separate entryway. (Note to self: Get one that's easy to clean!

The entryway of designer CeCe Barfield's Gramercy Park home is restricted to a door at the end of a long hallway, because there's really no room for other furniture because of the way the hall's designed. To define and draw attention to the space, she painted the door a bright green. You could do the same!

Is it the console table or cabinet? The lighting? The rug or artwork? The color scheme? The entryway decor ideas? The creative storage solutions? Or maybe a little bit of everything? To get some ideas flowing, here are a few favorite modern entryway art and decor ideas:

Another thing I love to include in the foyer is some type of seating so guests can sit while they remove their shoes or boots. Folding stools or upholstered cubes, like the ones shown below, provide the perfect seating solution in a small entryway or modern foyer design.

When thinking of foyer decor, add in the colors, patterns, or styles you love and that reflect your personality. Find modern entryway art, accents, and furniture that speak to you and express the look and feeling you want your home to convey.

I hope you found this post helpful and inspiring. Whether you have a small entryway or something more grand, the most important thing is to create a welcoming and positive feeling when you and your guests enter your home!

I had never thought to fake an entryway. I love the concept of using furniture to create a faux pathway. I am also agreeing that seating and hooks are essential! My boys are always looking for a place to sit down and take off their muddy shoes! Yikes! I will be implementing these suggestions to make for a smoother transition from outside to in!

There are a lot of shapes that work well in entryways, including rectangular, square, hexagonal and geometric. Large-format tiles are popular in mudrooms because they have a widening effect that makes your room seem bigger, effectively enhancing the size of the room.

The Tile Shop offers several options that would be great for your entryway, mudroom or foyer. Your decision should be based on your style preference since most tile is durable and long lasting, making it a practical choice to install. 041b061a72


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