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Myron Markov

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Similarly to the conda remove --default command, this only removes the current environment. To remove all activated environments, use the conda destroy command instead.

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Optionally, you can restrict access to the public API to only your own machines by creating an access_key and secret_key file on your computer. Then, the change command will need both a configuration parameter to enable the API as well as a --dont-use-credentials flag to prevent it from trying to connect to the remote server using those keys. An example:

There are two new commands that can be used to identify items in the official package index. First, install installs a given package. For instance, after conda install -c conda-forge couchdb, we can install couchdb using the form conda install couchdb. Second, identify finds packages that are available as system packages as well as sdist packages. This provides a convenient way of checking whether a package is available for a given architecture and distro.

Now that the database is properly configured, we can use the execute command to run queries. This can be helpful when testing against the development version of the index. In other cases, you may be interested in updating conda to an older version to see the changes that have been made in that version.


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