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Activados Matematica 3 Puerto De Palos Pdf 39 1golkes

Activados Matematica 3: A New Approach to Learning Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject that many students find difficult and boring. However, mathematics is also a powerful tool that can help us understand and solve problems in various fields of knowledge and everyday life. How can we make mathematics more accessible, meaningful and fun for students? How can we help them develop their mathematical thinking skills, their creativity and their problem-solving abilities?


One possible answer is Activados Matematica 3, a book published by Puerto de Palos, a leading educational publisher in Argentina. It is part of a series of books that aim to facilitate the learning of mathematics through 60 activities that foster the understanding of the concepts and procedures involved in each topic. The book covers the following topics: numbers and operations, algebraic expressions and equations, functions and graphs, geometry and measurement, statistics and probability.

Features of the book

Each chapter of the book includes the following sections and features:

  • Apertura: each chapter begins with an activity that presents relevant and engaging information to recall the contents of the topic. It also shows the objectives and subtopics that will be developed in the chapter.

  • Identificacion: a learning situation that introduces the topic of the chapter through interesting problems that show the mathematics in reality.

  • Infotactivados: it provides definitions, explanations, basic procedures and examples of each concept that facilitate the comprehension.

  • Comprension activada: it includes questions that allow to check the understanding of the theory and to apply it to different contexts.

  • Trabajos en equipo: it proposes collaborative activities that encourage communication, argumentation and reflection among students.

  • Actividades: for each subtopic, it offers different types of activities that are classified according to their level of difficulty: BASICA (basic), INTERMEDIA (intermediate) and AVANZADA (advanced). The activities involve problem situations with increasing levels of complexity and challenge.

  • Autoevaluacion: it provides self-assessment activities for each subtopic so that the student can evaluate their own learning progress.

  • TICactivados: in this section, it gives the possibility of working on a concept of the topic using technological tools such as spreadsheets, programs and educational software that allow to represent graphically, simulate situations, manipulate functions, etc.

The book also comes with a PDF version that can be downloaded from the publisher's website. The PDF version has 145 pages and contains all the contents and activities of the printed book. It also has interactive features such as links, animations, videos and exercises that enhance the learning experience.

Benefits of the book

Activados Matematica 3 is a new proposal that makes mathematics more accessible, meaningful and fun for students. It helps them to develop their mathematical thinking skills, their creativity and their problem-solving abilities. It also prepares them for further studies and challenges in mathematics and other disciplines. Some of the benefits of the book are:

  • It follows a constructivist approach to teaching and learning mathematics. It encourages students to construct their own knowledge by exploring, discovering, experimenting, reasoning and communicating.

  • It connects mathematics with reality. It presents problems that are relevant to students' interests, needs and experiences. It shows how mathematics can be applied to different situations in science, technology, art, culture, etc.

  • It promotes active learning. It engages students in doing mathematics rather than just listening or memorizing. It provides opportunities for students to work individually or collaboratively, to express their ideas, to justify their answers, to reflect on their processes and results.

  • It supports differentiated instruction. It offers activities with different levels of difficulty that cater to students' diverse abilities, learning styles and preferences. It also provides feedback and guidance for students to monitor their own progress.

  • It integrates technology into mathematics learning. It uses technological tools as resources to enhance mathematical understanding, representation, exploration and communication. It also develops students' digital competence and literacy.


Activados Matematica 3 is a book that aims to change the way students learn mathematics. It is based on a pedagogical model that values students' active participation, curiosity, creativity and problem-solving skills. It is designed to make mathematics more enjoyable, meaningful and useful for students. It is a book that can help students discover the beauty and power of mathematics.


  • [Activados Matematica 3: A New Approach to Learning Mathematics]

  • [ActivaDOS - Matematica 3 - Puerto de Palos - (Docente).pdf]

  • [Activados - Matematica 3 - Puerto De Palos.pdf]


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