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Myron Markov

Mac Os Hacks

Instead of reverting back to your old computer setup, read through the following Mac hacks and discover more productive ways to get things done in no time. The list below covers the basics for Mac newbies who are using Sierra, the most current macOS.

Mac Os Hacks


If you're looking for Mac productivity hacks to help you save time and boost your efficiency on Apple devices, you've come to the right place. Below, we have 20 seriously useful hacks that you can start using right away. Most of them are most applicable to Mac laptops and desktops, and geared toward helping you save time at work. But many can be applied to other devices and non-work-related tasks, too. Let's get started.

From proof-of-concept hacks on the boot loader sequence (EFI), where rogue drivers could potentially be hooked into and used to wreak havoc on OSX, to firmware flashing and other low level hacks, running the gamut to app security, and kernel heap as well, the spotlight squarely focused on Mac OSX and iOS. A few years ago Mac sessions were far more rare, so does this mean the age of Mac hacking has arrived?

This video -- from Aibal Tech Report -- provides hardware recommendations, how to install OS X 10.7 "Lion" with third-party software hacks, and tips to manage a Hackintosh for improved reliability and performance.

This hack seriously opens up the doors with what the Apple TV could be used for; and we imagine we are going to see lots of cool hacks, additions and addons. We will do our best to keep track of them.


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