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Myron Markov

12 : The Final Battle Of The Disturbance __HOT__

Zero, displeased by Succulent's loss, offers a more powered battle with Brain; both use their strongest techniques, but Brain's God Slash and Whistling Wind require him to be still in a circle whereas Zero can punch the air for an attack. As they dialogue, Sebas arrives, shocking Zero who is in disbelief that his subordinates could have lost or the butler getting as far as he did without any damage. Climb informs Sebas the Tuare they found was a fake, but the real Tuare is behind Sebas. Enraged, Zero pauses his battle with Brain to fight Sebas, using his strongest Monk attack to strike Sebas's center mass. Sebas is unfazed, while Brain, Climb and Lockmeier are left speechless by such a powerful fortification from the butler. Sebas nonchalantly counters with a drop heel kick, caving Zero's head in; his dying breath in asking who Sebas really is. In order to relieve suspicion from the trio, Sebas mentions he is "just the slightest bit stronger" and the group moves on.

12 : The Final Battle of the Disturbance

After Nabe arrives at the manor, Evileye gives a report of their encounter with the insect maid and how she nearly killed her. Both are enraged, but as Entoma survived due to Jaldabaoth's intervention, Momon suggests that the demon arrived because Blue Rose attacked his servant. Evileye in hindsight partly agrees, but as the maid was not as powerful as the demon nor likely aware of the demon's plans, she feels it was still right to battle the insect maid. Momon agrees with her assessment and apologizes. Evileye then internally has the first girlish thoughts she had in centuries since being a vampire.

Momon and Nabe talk in private that, because Demiurge's plan is so precise, the slightest miscommunication could derail everything back to square one. While Nabe is in awe of his planning, in truth Momon only came to the capital by the request of Marquis Raeven to raid Eight Fingers since the reward money was exceptionally high. And since the 'disturbance' was in effect, he would also use the opportunity to boost his own fame. Momon has Nabe message Demiurge as he can't use magic in his suit, and Evileye has her attention mostly on him, thinking it was from his momentary anger from hearing about Entoma. Concluding their talk, Nabe messages Demiurge.

As Sebas and the group exit the Eight Fingers base victorious, Climb asks what is Sebas' next move. The butler will take Tuare to a safe location to prevent a repeat of recent events, and promises to repay Climb for what he did today. In the distance, Climb also sees the wall of flames. Everyone in the city of Re-Estize can see the flames, and Princess Renner calls for an emergency summit of adventurers. Lakyus reports the fires to cause no damage, and there are demons on the other side. Renner informs the adventurers of Jaldabaoth and his power- using one attack to kill two adamantite adventurers, making the battle against him all the more difficult. Evileye presents Momon to the summit, as he was able to fight Jaldabaoth on a relatively equal footing; leading Renner to detail her operation. Brain, Climb and Lockmeier join a group to rescue civilians. After the summit, Gazef lends Climb his ring, with the power to boost his abilities, that he was given by Rigrit in the hopes he will return alive.

Zanac and Raeven are with Renner looking at her plan, impressed she will be using adventurers as the brunt of the force while having Momon, Nabe, and Evileye as the arrow to pierce through to the center area to battle Jaldabaoth. But the two-point out that Climb is likely to die; Renner is aware of this as if he does, Lakyus can resurrect him, and in his weakened state Renner can keep him close and in her loving care. In affirmation, Renner shows her true face, disturbing both her brother and the Marquis.

The third and final Essence, the Essence of Fear, is started in the Hellmouth. The focus of this Nightmare Hunt is to take down the Nightmare of Phogoth. Descend into the Summoning Pits and kill Phogoth once again.

Snake traced Dr. Marv's location to the third floor of the Zanzibar Building, his radar leading him to the transmitter that had been implanted in the scientist's tooth. However, upon approaching the doctor, he was confronted by the Zanzibar mercenary Black Ninja, who had disguised himself as the scientist after the transmitter was discovered, and mocked FOXHOUND's outdated methods. Utilising reflex-enhancing armor and throwing stars, the Ninja attacked Snake, but was ultimately defeated in battle, due to the latter's greater combat experience.

Snake then attempted to cross the Nariko Desert, when he was contacted by an anonymous caller identifying himself only as Snake's "number one fan," warning him about mines being placed in the vicinity. Upon evading the mines and soldiers on the singing sand-laced desert, Snake encountered a Hind D, which took off and engaged Snake. As he had absolutely no way to fend off the Hind, Snake was forced to retreat, and acted on advice from Holly to locate Stinger missiles in a small armory located in the swamp. He then crossed the shallow areas of the swamp, based on a tip from one of the children nearby regarding big trucks driving through the otherwise bottomless swamp. He then encountered the mercenary Running Man, who proceeded to not only demonstrate his speed to Snake, but also activate the armory's nerve gas, stating he'll only turn them off if Snake defeats him in battle. Snake eventually did so by placing mines at Running Man's feet, using his own speed against him. However, he was unable to find any Stinger missiles. A kid inside the armory, however, informed him that the Stinger missiles were moved over to the Zanzibar Building to be equipped onto the Zanzibar Land tanks. Snake then traveled back to the hangar area and found the Stinger missiles, returning to the Hind D's heliport and proceeded to shoot it down with it.

With the OILIX formula now safely in Snake's hands, Snake made his way out of the cell, However, Dr. Madnar stopped him, and managed to tell him how to defeat Metal Gear D: the legs had weaker armor compared to the rest of the body, and were especially weak to grenades. Just then a trap door was activated with Snake landing in Zanzibar Land's lower basement area, where he was confronted by Gray Fox piloting Metal Gear D once again. After a fierce battle, Snake was successful in destroying Metal Gear. Unfortunately, the resulting explosion causes Snake's equipment to catch fire, and Gray Fox used the opportunity to recover the OILIX formula cartridge, telling Snake to "Burn in Hell!" Forced to remove all of his gear, he then went after Fox. Entering a door to his right, he then found himself in a minefield with Fox. Snake was contacted by military expert George Kasler who told Snake about Fox's real name, Frank Jaeger. Snake suddenly realized that the Frank Hunter whom Gustava had been engaged to was Gray Fox. The two suddenly engaged in hand-to-hand combat against each other, with Snake eventually emerging victorious. Fox told Snake about his past, about how Big Boss saved him several times, and how he needed war, and couldn't live without it. Fox "died", with Snake reassuring him that Gustava was waiting for him on the other side.

After defeating Fox, Snake retrieved Marv's cartridge, where he was then taunted by a familiar voice. Snake followed the voice to its source and was confronted by the renowned mercenary leader himself, Big Boss. Snake declared that he had come to Zanzibar Land to get rid of the nightmares that he had endured since Outer Heaven, with Big Boss replying that they would never go away. Big Boss explained that once someone has experienced the taste of battle, they could never leave it, and that everything he had done was to give Snake a place for it. He then told Snake about his viewpoint on a logical system: "Start a war, fan its flames, and create victims... then save them, train them... and feed them back onto the battlefield." Big Boss continued on, stating that soldiers like them could never lead normal lives, that it was impossible. They only felt truly alive during battle and nothing else would ever satisfy their cravings. Solid Snake then decided to kill Big Boss to free himself from his grip as well as to put aside his nightmares. Big Boss had one final speech imparted from the words of his mentor he gave before their battle.

In the anime, in Universe 6, the twins Oren and Kamin battle and outmatch the Universe 6 warriors made up of Hit and the Saiyans, Cabba, Caulifla and Kale. Try as they might, the damage dealt to the twins is instantly restored. As they are about to dealt another attack, they are saved by the arrival of Vegeta along with Future Trunks who transform into Super Saiyan in order to do battle.

Elsewhere, Hearts along with Fused Zamasu watch the battle through a display and though Zamasu is eager to destroy the mortals he recognizes from Universes 7 and 10, Hearts tells him that he must be patient and wait until Zeno has been defeated. Back on the battlefield, the twins express joy in how the battle has suddenly become so interesting and suggest that they do the "thing". They enter the wounds of Caulifla and Kale, having them undergo a Tuffleization and continue to attack the others.

When Fused Zamasu suddenly appears, Hearts suggests heading towards the next Universe and asks Hit who is the strongest being in all of the Universes. Though Hit does not answer, Hearts is able to read his mind and determine that the answer is Jiren and decides to head to his Universe. Meanwhile in Universe 11, Jiren stands firm ready to face Cumber in battle, with Top unconscious on the ground having already been defeated.

In the anime, Vegeta and Future Trunks teleport to a planet in Universe 11 to find it ravaged from the recent battles. Oren, having followed the Saiyans there takes over as host of Vegeta's body, undergoing a Strongest Form 1 stage where he easily takes down Super Saiyan Trunks with Smash Break. Nearby Cumber begins his battle with Jiren but the pair appear to be evenly matched in combat though Cumber says that he will not be beaten as he transforms into a Super Saiyan 3 Full Power. When Hearts appears he tells Oren to battle Jiren saying that Cumber has done enough for now and with a snap of his fingers sends Cumber ahead to Universe 3. 041b061a72


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