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Steel Toe Crocs Buy

Unfortunately, no, Crocs does not currently make steel toe work shoes. But if you are interested in steel toe Crocs because you want a comfortable, low-top, slip-on style steel toe work shoe, the good news is you do have plenty of options made by other well-known companies, including other types of steel toe clogs.

steel toe crocs buy

In this article not only do I want to discuss some of my favorite alternatives to steel toe Crocs, I also want to discuss in further detail what type of work shoes Crocs does make. If you are looking for more of a casual style, visit our article about the best casual steel toe shoes.

As we discussed at the top of the article, unfortunately Crocs does not currently make steel toe clogs. But if you are interested in Crocs work shoes, there are some options, but they are not steel safety toe shoes.

I wanted to include these shoes as an alternative to steel toe Crocs even though these shoes have laces. I recently tried 10 different steel toe work shoes, and these Caterpillar Woodward shoes weighed the least. These will be a very nice option for those of you searching for lightweight steel toe shoes.

To find a steel toe shoe that is this lightweight is really uncommon, and if you prioritize lightweight comfort, these will be a nice substitute for steel toe Crocs. These Caterpillar Woodward shoes feel like lightweight athletic shoes when I wear them (do they make Nike steel toe shoes?).

Click here to buy these Caterpillar Woodward lightweight steel toe work shoes available at Amazon (paid affiliate link takes you to In my experience, these Caterpillar Woodward shoes fit true to size. Like most low-top athletic steel toe shoes, these Caterpillar Woodward shoes are built for light-duty work.

No one really knows the true story behind this but when left up to imagination, one can only think that he grabbed some metal, glue, and his Crocs to create this practical piece of art: a mind-blowing, eye-catching, steel-toed Croc shoe that would both fit his job qualifications and his personal preferences.

Modern car restoration is1 photogrammetry to get the shape into cad program2 laser cut steel sheet rib model to sanity check on a car3 reverse of 2 for actual metal worker to make the shape by handno stamping

I had a loaded wooden pallet set on my steel toe one day, and the forklift driver had to pick it up before I could move my foot. The boot leather was crushed and cut along the top of the toe. Had that been my unprotected foot, the outcome would have been different. 041b061a72


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