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Saza E Kala Pani Movie: Review - Bollywood Hungama

Saza E Kala Pani Movie in Hindi Download 3gp

Are you looking for a way to watch or download Saza E Kala Pani movie in Hindi in 3gp format? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this epic historical drama film that depicts the lives of Indian freedom fighters imprisoned in the Cellular Jail during the British Raj. We will also show you how to download it in 3gp format, which is a multimedia container format that can save disk space, bandwidth, and data usage. So, without further ado, let's get started.

Saza E Kala Pani movie in hindi download 3gp

What is Saza E Kala Pani Movie?

Saza E Kala Pani (also known as Kaalapani or Black Water) is a 1996 Indian Malayalam-language film written by T. Damodaran and directed by Priyadarshan. It stars Mohanlal, Prabhu, Tabu, Amrish Puri, Nedumudi Venu, Sreenivasan, Tinnu Anand, Annu Kapoor, Alex Draper, and Vineeth. The film is based on the historical novel Kaalapani by Babu Kunhiraman Nair, which narrates the story of Indian revolutionaries who were exiled to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands by the British colonial authorities. The film portrays the brutal torture and inhuman treatment of the prisoners by the jailers, as well as their heroic resistance and struggle for freedom.

The film was made on a budget of 8 crore (US$1.1 million), making it one of the most expensive Indian films at that time. It was shot in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, and Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The film was released on April 6, 1996, and received critical acclaim and commercial success. It won four National Film Awards, including Best Art Direction (Sabu Cyril), Best Special Effects (S. T. Venky), Best Cinematography (Santosh Sivan), and Best Audiography (J. Murali Krishnan). It also won seven Kerala State Film Awards, including Best Film with Popular Appeal and Aesthetic Value, Best Director (Priyadarshan), Best Actor (Mohanlal), Best Editor (N. Gopalakrishnan), Best Sound Recordist (Deepan Chatterjee), Best Processing Lab/Colourist (Prasad Film Laboratories), and Special Jury Award for Makeup (Roshan Ng).

The film was dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and English languages. The Hindi version was titled Saza E Kala Pani, the Tamil version was titled Siraichalai, the Telugu version was titled Kaala Pani, and the English version was titled Black Water Prison. The film was also screened at several international film festivals, such as the 1996 Cannes Film Festival, the 1997 International Film Festival of India, and the 2005 Fribourg International Film Festival.


Saza E Kala Pani is a masterpiece of Indian cinema that showcases the courage and sacrifice of the freedom fighters who endured unimaginable horrors in the Cellular Jail. The film is a gripping and realistic portrayal of the historical events that shaped the Indian independence movement. The film does not shy away from showing the atrocities committed by the British authorities, such as flogging, hanging, shooting, starvation, solitary confinement, and water torture. The film also depicts the valiant efforts of the prisoners to rebel against their oppressors, such as organizing hunger strikes, escape attempts, sabotage missions, and secret meetings.

The film boasts of a stellar cast that delivers powerful performances. Mohanlal is outstanding as Govardhan Menon, a doctor who is falsely accused of bombing a train and sentenced to life imprisonment in the Cellular Jail. He is the protagonist of the film who leads the revolt against the jailers and inspires his fellow inmates with his bravery and patriotism. Prabhu is impressive as Veer Savarkar, a prominent leader of the Hindutva movement who is also imprisoned in the Cellular Jail for his revolutionary activities. He is the ideologue of the film who articulates the vision of a free and united India. Tabu is charming as Parvati Menon, Govardhan's wife who follows him to Port Blair and works as a nurse in a hospital. She is the love interest of the film who provides emotional support to Govardhan and helps him escape from the jail. Amrish Puri is menacing as David Barry, the chief jailer who is ruthless and sadistic in his treatment of the prisoners. He is the antagonist of the film who represents the tyranny and oppression of the British Raj.

The film also features excellent technical aspects that enhance its quality and appeal. The cinematography by Santosh Sivan is stunning and captures the scenic beauty and the harsh conditions of the Andaman Islands. The art direction by Sabu Cyril is remarkable and recreates the authentic look and feel of the Cellular Jail and its surroundings. The special effects by S. T. Venky are convincing and create a realistic impact of the explosions, gunshots, and fires. The editing by N. Gopalakrishnan is crisp and maintains a smooth flow of the narrative. The sound design by J. Murali Krishnan and Deepan Chatterjee is superb and creates a vivid atmosphere of the jail environment. The music by Ilaiyaraaja is melodious and soulful and complements the mood and tone of the film. The songs are sung by K. J. Yesudas, K. S. Chithra, Hariharan, Sujatha Mohan, M. G. Sreekumar, and Ilaiyaraaja himself.

Saza E Kala Pani is a must-watch film for anyone who loves history, drama, and patriotism. It is a tribute to the unsung heroes of the Indian freedom struggle who sacrificed their lives for the nation. It is also a reminder of the dark and painful past that India endured under the British rule. It is a film that will make you proud, angry, sad, and inspired at the same time.

Why is Saza E Kala Pani Movie Popular?

Saza E Kala Pani is not just a movie, but a phenomenon that has left a lasting impression on the Indian cinema and culture. The movie is popular for several reasons, such as:

Historical Significance

The movie is based on real events and characters that shaped the history of India's independence movement. The movie depicts the role of the Cellular Jail, also known as Kala Pani or Black Water, in imprisoning and torturing thousands of Indian revolutionaries who fought against the British Raj. The movie also portrays the life and ideology of Veer Savarkar, one of the most influential and controversial figures of the Hindutva movement, who coined the term "Hindutva" and advocated for Hindu nationalism and militarism. The movie also showcases the various phases and facets of the freedom struggle, such as the Quit India Movement, the Indian National Army, the Naval Mutiny, and the Partition of India.

Cultural Impact

The movie has influenced other films, media, and society in various ways. The movie has inspired several filmmakers to make movies on similar themes or settings, such as 1947: Earth (1998), Mangal Pandey: The Rising (2005), Rang De Basanti (2006), Madrasapattinam (2010), Viceroy's House (2017), etc. The movie has also popularized the term "Kala Pani" as a synonym for imprisonment or exile in Indian languages. The movie has also raised awareness and interest in the history and heritage of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands among the public. The movie has also contributed to the tourism industry of the islands, as many visitors flock to see the Cellular Jail and its museum.

How to Download Saza E Kala Pani Movie in Hindi in 3gp Format?

If you want to download Saza E Kala Pani movie in Hindi in 3gp format, you need to know what 3gp format is, how to convert the movie to 3gp format, and how to download it in 3gp format. Here are the steps to follow:

What is 3gp Format?

3gp is a multimedia container format that is designed for mobile phones and other devices with limited storage and bandwidth. It can store video and audio streams, as well as text and images. It uses MPEG-4 Part 2 or H.263 for video compression, and AAC, AMR, or MP3 for audio compression. It has a file extension of .3gp or .3g2, depending on the version of the format.

3gp format has some advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages are:

  • It can save disk space, bandwidth, and data usage, as it has a smaller file size than other formats.

  • It can be played on most mobile phones and devices, as it has a high compatibility and portability.

  • It can be easily transferred and shared via email, Bluetooth, or messaging apps.

Some of the disadvantages are:

  • It can have a lower quality and resolution than other formats, as it has a higher compression rate.

  • It can have a limited functionality and features than other formats, as it has a simpler structure and specification.

  • It can have a lower security and protection than other formats, as it does not support encryption or digital rights management.

How to Convert Saza E Kala Pani Movie to 3gp Format?

If you have the movie in another format, such as MP4, AVI, MKV, or DVD, you need to convert it to 3gp format before downloading it. You can use online or offline tools to do this. Here are some examples of online and offline tools that you can use: