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Cafesuite 3.49d Client Free Download

CafeSuite 3.49d Client Free Download

CafeSuite is a popular software for managing internet cafes. It allows you to control and monitor the workstations, charge customers, generate reports, and more. CafeSuite consists of two applications: CafeStation (the server) and CafeAgent (the client). You need to install CafeStation on the main computer and CafeAgent on the workstations.


In this article, we will show you how to download and install CafeSuite 3.49d client for free. This is an older version of CafeAgent that was released in 2008, but it still works with the latest version of CafeStation. You can use it if you have a license for CafeSuite or if you want to try the software for free.

How to download CafeSuite 3.49d client

To download CafeSuite 3.49d client, you need to visit the official website of CafeSuite. On the Downloads page, you will find the link to download the installation package that includes both server and client applications. The file name is cafesuite-3.70.1.exe and it is about 18 MB in size.

After downloading the file, you need to extract it using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You will find a folder called Client that contains the files for CafeAgent. You can copy this folder to a USB drive or a network share and use it to install CafeAgent on the workstations.

How to install CafeSuite 3.49d client

Before installing CafeAgent on the workstations, you need to configure it on the main computer using CafeStation. You can access the client software configuration window by clicking on the Client setup command from the Program menu in CafeStation. Here are some important settings that you need to adjust:

  • On the Main page, enter the server hostname or IP address in the Main computer address field. If you are not using DHCP in your network, uncheck the Use hostnames instead of IP numbers option.

  • On the Security page, set a password that will protect CafeAgent from unauthorized uninstallation. Click on the Set password to protect client software button to enter it.

  • On the Charging rates page, select the rates that will be used for charging customers on each workstation. You can define new rates or modify the existing ones in CafeStation.

  • On the other pages, you can customize various aspects of CafeAgent's appearance and behavior, such as colors, sounds, messages, restrictions, etc.

After configuring CafeAgent, you can install it on the workstations by running the setup.exe file from the Client folder that you copied earlier. The installation process is very simple and fast. You just need to follow the instructions on the screen and accept the license agreement.

Once CafeAgent is installed, it will start automatically and connect to CafeStation. You will see a green icon in the system tray that indicates that CafeAgent is running. You can also right-click on this icon and access some options, such as locking or unlocking the workstation, changing settings, or exiting CafeAgent.

How to use CafeSuite 3.49d client

To use CafeAgent, you need to log in as an operator in CafeStation and start a session on a workstation. You can do this by selecting a workstation from the computer list and clicking on one of the commands from the Session menu, such as Start session or Start prepaid session. You can also use keyboard shortcuts or drag-and-drop operations to perform these actions.

When a session starts, CafeAgent will display a timer window on the workstation that shows the remaining time and charge for the customer. The customer can use the workstation normally until the session ends or is stopped by the operator. When a session ends, CafeAgent will lock the workstation and display a summary window that shows the total time and charge for the session.

You can monitor and control all sessions from CafeStation. You can see various information about each workstation, such as status, user name, time, charge, rate, etc. You can also perform various actions on each workstation, such as stop session, extend session, add products, send messages, reboot, shutdown, etc.


CafeSuite 3.49d client is a free and reliable software for managing internet cafes. It works with the latest version of CafeStation and offers many features and options to control and monitor the workstations. You can download and install CafeSuite 3.49d client by following the steps described in this article. If you have any questions or problems, you can visit the CafeSuite website or the online help system for more information and support.


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