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Pokemon Rom Hacks For Nds ~UPD~

Pokemon Pheonix Rising is the first and possibly most well known game in our list of the best Pokemon Nintendo DS ROM hacks. Using The Pokemon essentials engine, this fan made game takes place in the brand new region of Hawthorne.

Pokemon Rom Hacks For Nds

The main gimmick of these hacks is that they have Pokemon from Gen 7. Your Starters are from Gen 7 as well as a lot more of them that you can catch. Some of the aesthetics are also updated, reflecting the Gen 7 games.

The number one game in our top 10 Pokemon DS ROM hacks for this year goes to Pokemon Moon Black 2. It is a hack of Pokemon Black 2. The story incorporates elements from the Pokemon Sun and Moon games utilizing the system and other features from Black 2.

That concludes our recommendation for the best Pokemon DS ROM Hacks of the year. There are other DS ROM hacks out there that may be just as good. If you feel we missed a few of them on our list, feel free to hit the comments so that others might know.

Always remember that getting DS ROM hacks is trickier. The process of patching the files is just as tricky. You need to have the necessary tools if you want to play them. The good thing is that some of them are already available from the start.

If you have ever wondered what the combination of Pokemon ROM hacks and Pokemon games would look like, Pokemon Silver Yellow is the answer. It is based on the Silver Blue previous ROM hack with a strong Yellow vibe of a typical Pokemon.

Pokemon Storm Silver is the ultimate partner ROM hack to get your hands on the Sacred Gold. This is even more challenging with loads of hurdles. It has an updated storyline that bridges the gap that all Drayanos Silver and Gold hacks have left on their way. Get a chance to complete the list of scripted events and enjoy some gameplay with this new ROM hack.

That's nuts! I actually came across your post just yesterday after someone was asking about pokemon overworld sprites in hg/ss. It won't help that specific person but was hoping to add it to my tools download link for people to try using. Wish I had found out for my rom hack...


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