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Download Transport Urbain Pptx [PATCHED]

  • Package content: Production industries icons: Production, Manufacturing, Chemical industry, Metalworking, Ironworks, Construction,Gasoline, Fuel symbols

  • Goods industry icons: Household goods, Household appliances, Pharmacy, Medicaments, Computers, Electronics, Garment, Clothing symbols

  • FMCG production icons: Food FMCG, Alcoholic beverages, Tobacco symbols

  • Storage and motor vehicles transport icons:Transport, Storage, Automotive, Car, Truck, Road transport, Public transport, Bus symbols

  • Air, Land, Water transport icons: Air transport, Plane, Rail Transport, Sea transport, Cargo ship, Barge, Inland symbols

  • Industry Icons usage examples (Do it yourself infographics)Top manufacturing business sectors by value added, EU-27, (bar chart with icons illustration)

  • EU trade import / export by main products (pie charts with icons illustration)

  • Supply Chain - General Picture illustration (infographics with icons)

  • All icons in simple flat style, suitable for Metro UI style graphics..Icons provided in 4 versions: for light background,

  • for dark background,

  • as a standalone symbols,

  • as a symbol in the circle shape.

  • Fully editable in PowerPointset of vector shapes fully editable by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including changing color of the icon filling and its outline

  • adding shadows

  • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object

  • putting shapes behind or on top of text

  • See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.Authors infoDiagram's contributing designer

  • Contact: here

  • Slides included in this PowerPoint Presentation: Industry icons Production Construction Transportation flat PPT clipart

  • Production industry icons powerpoint dark light background

  • production industry icons powerpoint editable clipart chemical sector pictogram

  • manufacturing industry construction sector icons ppt

  • chemical materials industry ironworks fuel icon pptx

  • goods industry medicament garment clothing icon ppt

  • fmcg sector food alcoholic beverages tobacco industry icon ppt

  • storage road transport vehicles automotive bus clipart ppt

  • air rail water transport plane sea cargo ship icon pptx

  • manufacturing sectors value added EU bar chart icons PPT

  • main products trade EU import export piechart icons powerpoint

  • Supply Chain production demand retail ppt infographics icons

  • production sectors transport icons light flat ppt icons

  • production sectors construction icons dark flat pptx icons

How To Edit How to edit text & colors How to expand / shorten diagram How to Replace Icons in infoDiagram PPT Excellent

Download transport urbain pptx

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