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Ľudovít Leško

Flowcode 5 Pro Crack

Flowcode 5 Pro: A Powerful QR Code Generator

QR codes are everywhere these days. They are used to connect offline and online marketing, to share information, to collect data, and to engage customers. But not all QR codes are created equal. Some are bland and boring, some are slow and unreliable, and some are limited and expensive. That's why you need Flowcode 5 Pro, a powerful QR code generator that lets you create dynamic, customizable, and trackable QR codes for your business or personal use.

Flowcode 5 Pro is a subscription-based service that offers you the following features:

Flowcode 5 Pro Crack

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  • Up to 10 Flowcodes: You can create up to 10 QR codes with different designs, colors, logos, and text around the rim. You can also choose from a variety of shapes and sizes for your QR codes.

  • Up to 10 Flowpages: You can create up to 10 landing pages for your QR codes, where you can showcase your brand, products, services, social media, contact information, and more. You can also customize your Flowpages with different colors, fonts, shades, and input fields.

  • Unlimited scans: You can scan your QR codes as many times as you want without any data cap or limit.

  • Data cap: 2,000 scans: You can collect up to 2,000 contacts from your QR codes per month. You can also export your data to CSV or PDF files.

  • Contact collection cap: 2,000 contacts: You can collect up to 2,000 contacts from your Flowpages per month. You can also integrate your contact collection with Mailchimp or Google Sheets.

  • Customization and white label design: You can remove the "Flowcode" text from your QR codes and Flowpages, and use your own custom URL for scan destination redirect. You can also create a custom domain for your Flowpages.

  • Bulk code creation: You can create up to 10 QR codes at once with the same design and destination.

  • Smart Rules: You can change the destination of your QR codes based on device type, time of day, or day of week. For example, you can redirect users to different websites or apps depending on whether they scan your QR code with an iPhone or an Android phone.

Flowcode 5 Pro is ideal for individuals who need more QR codes and customization features than the basic plan. It costs $5 per month or $50 per year. You can sign up for Flowcode 5 Pro [here].

If you need more features and functionality than Flowcode 5 Pro, you can check out the other plans that Flowcode offers. For example, Flowcode Pro Plus gives you up to 50 Flowcodes and Flowpages, 3 artist-designed Flowcodes, enhanced analytics, and more. Flowcode Growth gives you up to 500 Flowcodes and Flowpages, team management tools, geolocation tracking, CRM integrations, and more. Flowcode Enterprise gives you unlimited Flowcodes and Flowpages, full API access, SSO integrations, custom contracts and SLAs, and more.

Flowcode is trusted by thousands of brands and creators who use it to create engaging and effective QR code campaigns. You can see some of the examples of how Flowcode is used in different industries [here].

If you want to learn more about Flowcode and how it works, you can visit their [website], read their [blog], or watch their [videos]. You can also contact their support team via email if you have any questions or issues.

Flowcode is the best way to create QR codes that connect offline and online marketing. With Flowcode 5 Pro, you can create dynamic, customizable, and trackable QR codes that suit your needs and goals. Don't settle for bland and boring QR codes. Try Flowcode 5 Pro today and see the difference.


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