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[S6E12] Bad Blood

Betz wants to be taken to another hospital for treatment but Chastain is his best option at the moment. Kit assures him that the bad blood between them will not affect their professionalism and they will move him to another hospital once he is stable. Pravesh and Conrad do their best to keep him calm and start running tests on him.

[S6E12] Bad Blood

After she has a prophetic dream in which she meets Ghost covered in blood, Paz wakes up and sees on the news that he is running for office as the running mate of Loretta Walsh (Donna Murphy). Paz starts to try and get someone to help her find justice for her sister Angela (Lela Loren), who Paz is still convinced was killed by Ghost.

In any case, things are about to get very real very fast. Negan is coming. He probably has quite a lot more people than anyone suspected. Hard choices are going to need to be made. And a lot more blood is going to be shed.

Later that night, an ambulance bus arrives carrying more wounded, and one of the casualties turns out to be Bloodworth himself. When he sarcastically remarks that Hawkeye must be thrilled to see the "grim reaper" show up on his own list, Hawkeye quietly walks away. Bloodworth is moved into the OR and is about to be operated on by Charles, but right before he goes under (and after expressing he wants to be operated on by "anyone but Pierce"), he is able to watch Hawkeye as he removes from a patient a piece of shrapnel that turns out to have severed an artery and sprays Hawkeye with blood.

At her mother's house in the middle of the night, Caroline hears a weird noise and goes to investigate. Colin, the cancer patient Caroline thinks she cured at Duke, stumbles up to her door, covered in blood. She calls Stefan for help. He figures that Liz signed the house over to Caroline, and lets light in on Colin to test his theory. Colin's skin burns. He's a vampire. Which means after Caroline fed him her blood, he died.

At the hospital, Jo sees a dead plant and tries to revive it with magic. It doesn't work, but Elena arrives intact, so the ring did. Stefan comes in dragging Colin. After some tests they see that Caroline's blood didn't cure him, it sped up his cancer and killed him. So he's terminal, but can't die. And since Caroline fed her mom her blood, the same thing is going to happen to her. Later, outside, Elena tells Stefan he should have known better.

Back at the hospital, everyone waits for the transfusion to work. Caroline beats herself up for giving her mom her blood, but Stefan says Caroline's optimism is what Liz needs. They run to Colin's room when they hear him screaming. He's stabbing himself and wants to know why he can't die. He's in agony and can hear his tumors growing. He tells Caroline to just kill him. Damon rips Colin's heart out from behind, then tells Caroline the blood transfusion didn't work. She understands that he's saying that she killed her mom. Caroline disappears, leaving Elena to give Liz the bad news. Liz knows Caroline will never forgive herself.

Kai slices his hand open for the merge with Jo, and she goes along, promising to destroy him. They chant together in the quad but suddenly Jo is flung backward off her feet. Luke knocked her out and announces he's prepared to merge with Kai. Even though they're not twins, they share the same bloodline and are the same age after Kai's time in purgatory. Kai tries to bail, but Luke is strong enough to force him to merge.

At the hospital, a doctor uses a defibrillator on Liz, who sees herself packing up a suitcase in a sunlit room, calling for Caroline to say good-bye. Even though he's compelled, the doctor says there's nothing more he can do. Caroline arrives and cries over her mother, whose heart has completely stopped. In her dream, Liz sees Caroline with her back to her. When Caroline turns around, she's covered in blood and full vampire. Liz wakes up with a start. Elena rushes out to get some air, freaked out that Liz almost died in her arms. Damon follows her. She kisses him, saying she doesn't want to waste another minute. When Liz wakes up, she assures Caroline none of it is her fault. When Stefan arrives, Liz sends Caroline out for coffee then makes Stefan promise he'll be there for Caroline after she's gone. Caroline hears it all from outside the room.

Suddenly, the patient has liver problems. Blood flow is backed up and spilling into her esophagus. There is probably too much bleeding to use banding so Foreman plans to use a TIPS shunt to bypass blood flow around the liver until they can figure out what is wrong. The husband is indecisive, but tells Foreman to do what he thinks is right.

They do a liver biopsy, but it only shows general inflammation. His B cell and T cell counts are normal ruling out lymphoma. House tries to make fun of Foreman again, but Foreman just matter-of-factly denies what House is saying. Marcus admits he made one up, thinking Foreman had a sense of humor and would play along. Foreman thinks the patient has Polymyositis. However, House pointed out this causes muscle weakness. After shooting down Chase's idea because the inflammation isn't in the spleen, Taub suggests that he may have been infected by his lidocaine injections - viral hepatitis. House agrees to blood tests.

House goes to lunch with Marcus and asks why he made stuff up. Marcus tells him he's likely to be disappointed because Eric is a decent guy. House knows about Foreman's brush with the law, but Marcus admits he was with Foreman at the time and it may have been his idea to steal the car and not Eric's. Eric was only 14 at the time and Marcus was 16. Foreman comes in and tells House that when they drew blood for tests, it clotted in the container. He thinks it's cryoglobulinemia from working out in the cold. House orders warfarin. Marcus continues the story - they were caught 10 minutes later, taken to the police station and released into the custody of their mother. She said nothing until they arrived home where she said she would pray for them. After that, Eric never wanted to disappoint his mother again. Then Marcus mentions that he thought Eric would have told that story at his mother's eulogy. House didn't know Eric's mother was dead, and Marcus said that if Eric didn't tell him, he probably had a reason. Marcus then warns him he can be as hard as he wants on Foreman, but never to bring up their mother.

When Foreman reports the blindness, Taub thinks they were wrong about cryoglobulinemia, but Foreman reveals he spiked the patient's water bottle with nitrates to drop his blood pressure. His vision started to improve before he got back to the hospital. However, House realized that between his first and second admission, he only lost one pound of weight. A patient that size should have lost at least ten. Steroids would account for that, but they've already been ruled out. Paraneoplastic syndrome could account for a hormone imbalance. Lung, pancreatic, breast and renal cancer could all affect human growth hormone. House orders tests.

All the tests for cancer were negative, but House wasn't wrong about the weight loss: the patient now has blood in his urine indicating kidney failure. Thirteen says there has to be cancer somewhere, but Foreman points out they've checked everywhere inside him. House wonders if the cancer might not be inside him.

There's bad blood between you and Antonio after the night of the masquerade goes horribly wrong. To find out who's responsible you dive even deeper into his world, but tracking down suspects is dangerous even for supernaturals and reminds Antonio how vulnerable you are. That is, as long as you're human...

Antonio Vasquez has been searching for a way to save his sister and he's found the solution in a spitfire of a woman from a tiny nowhere town in Indiana. But one look into those beautiful eyes and even this bloodthirsty vampire finds himself hesitating. Has he lost his edge...or his heart? Will he finish what he started or will he walk away from her forever in the name of love?

Eva is Antonio's sister. She died 500 years ago, but Frankenstein used MC's blood to resurrect her. She is a trans woman, and Antonio buys her a trans pride flag pin to wear when she discovers there is one for people like her.

They set up a perimeter inside and all have their jobs and tasks to do given out by Rick. They open their first door and it leads to their first sleeping savior crew member and Rick kills him with no hesitation and with no remorse, almost as if he cares more about getting blood on his knife then killing another human being.

The inside of the bunker is a full blown shoot out between our group and theirs. Our group split up and are covering their areas to gain more ground. Aaron is almost hit from behind by a savior but moves out of the way in time and stabs him quickly killing his first human as well. Aaron quickly opens a door and a savior almost shoots him but Rosita shoots him right in the head right before he can pull the trigger. Blood splatters across the bottom corner of the screen leaving a cool effect as if blood sprayed on us viewers. 041b061a72


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