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Myron Markov
Myron Markov

HACK Universal Adobe Patcher 1.2

adobe creative cloud 2019 comes with new applications, new features and new ways of creation, however, its main products are starting to give up the classic windows 7. for example, their hardware (graphics card) acceleration feature is only available under windows 10 now. thats to say, from now on, youll be forced to stop using windows 7 os if you want to enjoy the full capabilities and performance of adobes mainstream programs.

HACK Universal Adobe Patcher 1.2

currently, there are no details on how the hackers managed to gain access to the company's servers. it is not known whether there are any ongoing threats, such as the hackers having access to the networks at the moment. piriform said they are not aware of any ongoing attacks and they are still investigating the situation.

after the breach, it is possible that the hackers could have been actively trying to target adobe customers. adobe says that the software is fully patched and that all of the vulnerable versions have been removed from its servers. it is possible that the hackers may still be able to attempt to attack through the backdoor that was used.

some question has also been raised about whether the hackers were able to take advantage of a vulnerability in the free version of the software. adobe is adamant that this was not the case. according to adobe, even though the pirated software can download updates to its software automatically, it is not meant to be installed on a business-critical machine.

the hackers have been using the adobe zii patcher for some time. according to the original notice of the hack, the software was first discovered on march 3, 2020. the first version was released on april 20, 2019.


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