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Buy Blinc Mascara

The elegant birdcage design of The Feathers black mascara was created to inspire you to live a cage-free life. Our unique black pigment blend will give you the deepest, darkest, most dramatic lashes, featuring a curved brush that lifts, curls and provides sky-high length and buildable volume. Just one coat delivers long-wearing, clump-free, smudge-proof, flake-free wear that is enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Sodium Hyaluronate to moisturize and thicken each lash.

buy blinc mascara

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Use the combination of warm water AND gentle pressure. Soak your lashes, then apply light pressure with your fingertips, a washcloth, or a shower. This slides the tiny mascara tubes right off of your lashes.

Crying typically does not produce enough moisture to loosen blinc mascara's adhesion to your lashes. If you do produce enough tears to saturate your lashes, your tubing mascara will stay in place as long as no pressure or friction is applied. Rubbing your eyes, wiping them with a tissue, or tightly squeezing them shut may cause saturated tubes to pull off.

Curl your lashes before applying blinc tubing mascara. By curling your lashes first, the tiny tubes that form around the curled lash act like a cast. Unlike traditional oil-based mascara, which weighs lashes down, tubing mascara keeps the curled form intact. We recommend curling your lashes with our heated eyelash curler.

If you already know what tubing mascara is, feel free to skim the next two paragraphs (and skip directly to a review of one of the best formulas I've ever tried), but if not, please, allow us to explain: Unlike conventional, wax-based mascaras, tubing versions contain polymers that wrap around the lashes so they don't smudge or flake during the day, cosmetic chemist Ginger King previously told Allure. It's because of this that you only need warm water to remove them; add some gentle pressure and you'll notice those tiny "tubes" slide right off.

So for folks like myself with hooded eyelids (which means my lashes graze my lids, leading to smudging) or sensitive eyes (remember what we said about there being no rubbing or multi-step removal required?), tubing mascaras are the answer to a prayer. But since life is all about give and take, most tubing mascaras don't impart the same super-dramatic (read: volumizing and lengthening) effects you might get from traditional formulas.

It's no wonder the brand isn't about to spill the secret sauce, as this mascara is truly one-of-a-kind. For years, I'd resigned myself to a more low-key look by virtue of the fact that that's what most tubing mascaras could offer. But in a single coat, this stuff gives length and volume I could perviously only achieve by curling my lashes and applying several layers of conventional mascara (and crossing my fingers it wouldn't smudge).

In fact, after an impassioned Slack conversation with my colleague and fellow tubing mascara advocate Sarah Han (who, like me, has tried them all), I even feel even more confident in saying this is one of the best tubing formulas out there. Here's to never having to compromise.

I am rather pleased with most products I have tried from this company lately and thought I would try the mascara. Unfortunately, it did not please me at all, due to clumping. I take care of my eyelashes, but this seemed to "clump" them all in to just a handful of large lashes.

A great mascara requires a great formula with an effective brush. This is a great formula -- does exactly what it says -- with a terrible brush that completely defeats the purpose of the product. The brush clumps lashes together and makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to actually coat your lashes. This product needs a brush with softer, more diffuse bristles to separate and coat lashes. It's so bad that I can't imagine the company even tested this product.

This is truly the worse mascara I have ever tried! I rarely write reviews, but this product is so bad I really felt I needed to. I purchased it because it was a "staff favorite". How could that be?? When I first took the wand out, the product splattered all over my counter. It was very liquid. When applying it seemed to go everywhere but on my lashes. A smudgy mess and really no visible lengthening or thickening of lashes. Not happy. :(

This is the only mascara that doesn't smudge and doesn't give me racoon eyes. I have been using it for years. I've tried different mascaras in between and always go back to Blinc. It's easy to take-off with just water. Highly recommend.

I needed a mascara that I could use drops with my contacts and it wouldn't run but wasn't waterproof (because they're so hard to get off). This is about all this mascara did for me. Otherwise, I was completely disappointed. It's very runny and you can't blink or it transfers to anywhere your lashes touch and if you close your eyes or blink too long before it sets they can get stuck together. Also, it didn't add any volume or length to my lashes at simply put color on top of lashes and nothing else. If you just want a very natural look with no enhancement to your lashes it could work for you once you got used to putting it on. The way it comes off with just warm water is a definite plus and I really wanted to like just didn't work for me at all.

This mascara might be great for someone with fuller lashes than mine. For me it just clumped them together. It looked like I only had 3 thick lashes and I couldn't get them to separate. It was not pretty on me at all.

I have been using Blinc mascara on and off for a very long time (20 years give or take) and this is the first time I have been disappointed. Perhaps the formula changed? I received a dark maroon tube, not the usual matte silver tube as pictured on this website. It is very sticky and hard to coat my lashes. And even more fun, after letting it dry a reasonable amount of time my upper and lower lashes stick together if I make the mistake of looking down. Very sad about this as it is the only mascara that make my lashes lush and didn't migrate under my eyes.

Shop blinc eye makeup products and tools today to find your new go-to products perfect for everyday wear, occasional glam and every look in between. Interested in learning more about brand new or tried-and-true cosmetic products to hit the scene? Visit the LovelySkin Blog now for more dermatologist-recommended tips and product recommendations!

In addition to offering cruelty-free makeup, blinc is proud to be part of the conscious beauty movement, making eye products and cosmetics that promote responsible, ethical and sustainable practices without sacrificing quality.

blinc mascara can be purchased through authorized retailers like LovelySkin. Please contact our Customer Care Team for more product sourcing information or for help choosing the right blinc mascara for your favorite looks.

Vegan formula gives you an ultra-longwearing natural look with a patent shine finish. Our pioneering tubing technology forms tiny water-resistant "tubes" around your lashes, rather than painting them like conventional mascaras.

It has a better hold than waterproof mascaras, yet is easier to remove. No need for makeup removers! The simple combination of lots of warm water and gentle pressure is all it takes. This combo slides the tiny tubes effortlessly off your lashes into your washcloth or hand.

No tint or residue is left behind. No eye-irritating makeup removers needed. No harsh rubbing around your most delicate skin. Tubing mascara is the healthier alternative to traditional mascaras for your eyes, lashes, and around-the-eye skin.

Doing research I learned about tubing mascara, a product that stays in place through rubbing, sweat, and watery eyes yet easily comes off at the end of the day with warm water. I went on a question to find the best tubing mascaras.

These days, tubing mascara can be found at all price points and everywhere from your neighborhood Target or Walgreens to Sephora, Dermstore, Blue Mercury, and high-end department stores. I learned from my experience that price does not equal quality, but not all tubing mascaras are created equal.

Here are photos of me without any mascara, no lash curler used. I want to provide this to give a good base comparison to the photos below. The photos below show me wearing the mascaras. No lash curler, no primer, no liner or shadow; just the mascara.

For all the different tubing mascaras, I wiggled it on from roots to tip, a light swipe on lower lashes, and maybe a second coat on the top lashes to ensure I coated everything. I didn't use a tissue to wipe any wands, and no comb to separate lashes after application.

Over a decade ago I first tried this mascara. I went into a new beauty boutique at the mall and left with a bag of things I neither needed nor could afford. I loved super thick, long, fake-looking lashes and was obsessed with DiorShow mascara.

The reason I switched is that I tried No7 and then my favorite (at the bottom of the post) and I realized tubing mascara can be even more awesome. But this is a good mascara, and the smaller tube prevents it from drying out before you finish it (which happens with most tubing, if not all mascaras).

Unfortunately, I do not have a photo for this mascara as I reviewed it after writing this initial post. And because I wasn't a fan, I didn't even think to capture a photo of how it looked before I replaced it.

Doll Eye is a fiber mascara that offers lengthening and thickening along with the no-smudge tubing effect. I didn't see much lengthening or thickening, and found the formula very dry, drier than blinc, making it hard to layer and get much of a result. All that, and then I still experienced smudging.

Several Wardrobe Oxygen readers suggested I try essence, a budget-friendly yet cruelty-free brand of cosmetics. I saw they had a tubing mascara for less than $5 and ordered it right away.

This mascara is so dramatically better than any of the mascaras reviewed here I have to shout it from the internet rooftops. No need for fancy tricks or hacks, I curl my lashes, wiggle this on and go. It dries as fast as a traditional mascara. It really builds up my lashes making them look dramatically long. Glossy black finish that adds volume without clumps. No flaking, no smudging, no irritation, and it comes off easily with warm water or even my favorite facial cleanser. 041b061a72


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