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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Myron Markov
Myron Markov

Blender Market Hard Ops And Boxcutter Ultimate Bundle

I would love to give this more stars but I find it frustrating to use, particularly Boxcutter. Despite having object orientation selected, the cut ends up out in space somewhere. The other quirks I can chalk up to a lack of familiarity, but this makes it nearly useless. I didn't want to gripe about this here but I have been unable to find where I can submit a question. Supposedly this link had such a place, but couldn't find it. ( I'm using Blender 3.3 and yes, I did update to the latest version, closed and restarted Blender.

Blender Market Hard Ops and Boxcutter Ultimate Bundle


Hard Ops was made to expand on the boolean workflow that booltool started. The quest to make hardsurface easier has opened the box for what could be possible. Our toolkit encompasses, boolean, non-destructive modelling, assistive helpers for working optimally and many systems extending into sculpt and grease pencil sketching. Our goal is to make Blender more accessible while also keeping close to the vision of Blender itself and what makes it great and continue to be great. Our endeavor is to provide a first class AAA experience with comprehensive learning a thriving community and extensive documentation to help you get the most out of blender and hopscutter.We guarantee to have at least one tool or system you won't be able to live without. These reasons are why hardOps / Boxcutter are the best-selling plugins for Blender and continues to evolve with each iteration. We are committed to ensuring we are providing users the most versatility and control in blender usage and problem solving. No matter if you are a brand new 3d beginner or a hardened professional looking to save on keystrokes, our tool can offer you the workflow enhancements to make the most out of your Blender experience. Our goal is to be useful to anyone of any modelling discipline.

Topostudy is the most popular playlist. Showing the tools in topological applications. The Cylinoid saga remains one of the most popular tool test demos.WorkTheCorner is also quite popular.Even classic hardops/boxcutter videos from the past worth mentioning are in a playlist.Boxcutter has a playlist of tips to help users get the most out of boxcutter.Boxcutter had a helper change take over for the pie menu. A playlist was made on that topic. Even the topic of inset has a playlist dedicated to the topic. When it comes to my main channel there are also playlists available. Hopscannon contains all my uploaded content involving Hopscutter.H9 / BC7 is content about hopscuttter primed for entertainment. Most videos are by others in the community.Hopscutter in order is the same as hopscannon but more chronological with the ordering. (Useful for returning users) 350c69d7ab


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