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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Waylon Reed
Waylon Reed

Train Simulator: Edinburgh-Glasgow Route Add-On - A Detailed and Realistic Simulation of Inter-City Railroading

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Download Train Simulator: Edinburgh-Glasgow Route Add-Onl

I entered Amsterdam by train from Copenhagen, on my (just-expired) Eurailpass. (I discovered this en-route - which lead to some tense moments as conductors checked my ticket, not too thoroughly, thank the Goddess.) This meant I arrived late at night at the central train station, which apparently rivals New Yorks' Port Authority for being the worlds' worst collection of thieves, pimps, dealers and touts imaginable. After escaping their clutches on the adjacent subway, and without a good map (the VVV tourist office was closed), I lugged my 30 kilos of junk the remaining two kilometers to the Arena hostel.


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