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Waylon Reed
Waylon Reed

Code Level B22 in Catia: Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices

one more tool comes to the forefront as the model reaches its top level. catia v5 offers the ability to design assembly and sub-assembly modules. the purpose of these modules is to move data from one software platform to another. for example, by using a modular approach, the aes design model can remain in catia v5 while the model is moved over to ms office. the ae does not lose ownership or control of his/her data and the data remains in the same cobie format. the ae can move his/her data and continue with his/her project.

Catia Code Level B22


once the model reaches the highest level, we can begin to transfer the data over to the ms office platform. this may occur by exporting the design model using microsoft level 500 or microsoft level 1000. a model of this type may remain in catia v5 but the data is now in an ms office environment, where the ea or other user can make modifications, link and build tools. data can now be saved or exported to ms office for use by the ea.

the layout of the hierarchy can be used as a design schema. as design hierarchies become more complex, the layout can become more confusing. for example, if an object has been place at the 50 level, but the data associated with the object has not yet been defined, we may still be able to use the layout to identify that the object has been placed. however, from a design standpoint, there is confusion created by this. if you are trying to place a part on top of something that is placed at the bottom, it would be fairly easy to understand. however, as part of a complex design hierarchy, it is quite easy to get confused as to where data may be. the model-view-view-model basis of the data makes it fairly easy to use, but the confusion can be quite overwhelming if we are dealing with a significant portion of a complex data hierarchy.


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