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Watch Sheep And Wolves 2016

Parents need to know that Sheep & Wolves is an English-dubbed version of a Russian animated comedy-adventure. It centers on a wolf who's transformed into a ram shortly before his fight to become leader of the pack, depicting the idea of a "wolf in sheep's clothing" in a tween-friendly way. It's somewhat edgier than many kids' films, with a fair bit of insult language ("stupid," "shut up," "pathetic," "dumb," etc.) and innuendo (lots of kissing, plus flirting and even catcalls while a group of she-wolves does a dance). Violence includes a couple of deaths -- wolves fall and are pushed off cliffs -- and near deaths/injuries. Although some of the movie's messages are positive -- it promotes teamwork, empathy, and friendship -- there's also some iffy stereotyping and gender representation; for example, the female animals, particularly the wolves, are shown with exaggeratedly feminine wigs and accessories.

Watch Sheep And Wolves 2016

In SHEEP & WOLVES, a pack led by wise old alpha wolf Magra (voiced by Jim Cummings) sets up their new home in a ravine across a meadow from the minimally guarded village of a peaceful flock of sheep. Magra refuses to let his wolves hunt their new neighbors for sport, claiming they only hunt when necessary, "because every life is sacred." When Magra announces his retirement, he calls for the younger wolves to challenge each other to lead the pack. The two contenders are bloodthirsty Ragear (Rich Orlow), who's vicious and would like to do away with the pack's ancestral laws, and Grey (Tom Felton), who's caring, fun-loving, and charismatic -- but also immature. Grey's love interest, Bianca (Ruby Rose), breaks up with him for being too childish, sending him sulking into a nearby animal carnival. There, a rabbit fortune-teller offers Grey a "transmutation potion" that, instead of changing Grey into a more mature, marriageable wolf, transforms him into a ram. Grey-as-a-ram is welcomed into the flock, where he must figure out how to turn back into a wolf. But in the meantime, he enjoys getting to know the prey animals on their own terms. When news travels that Ragear is on the brink of ruling the wolf pack, Grey must decide where his loyalties lie -- and how to help both his old and new communities.

Watch Sheep & Wolves (2016) full episodes online free watchcartoononline.Synopsis: In a magical faraway land, in a picturesque little village nestled among green meadows and rolling hills, lives a flock of carefree sheep. But their pastoral and stress-free life is interrupted when a pack of wolves sets up camp in the nearby ravine.

In a magical faraway land, in a picturesque little village nestled among green meadows and rolling hills, lives a flock of carefree sheep. But their pastoral and stress-free life is interrupted when a pack of wolves sets up camp in the nearby ravine.

So - we've got some sheep and we've got some wolves. The sheep live in a town with some level of technological sophistication. The wolves have recently moved into the area and live a more primitive lifestyle. The pack leader, Magra, intends to retire and unfortunately there are only two candidates to replace him. Ragear, a tyrannical bully, and Grey (our main character), who's an ok guy but also a clownish goofball. By tradition, they're supposed to fight each other to determine who will become the pack's new leader.

The rest of the film involves Grey staying with the sheep and becoming friends with them as he grows more responsible. Tensions between the wolves and the sheep escalate. With Grey missing, Ragear bullies his way into having more control of the pack, without any respect for their traditional laws. Eventually it's an all-out conflict between the two groups, with Grey facing the possibility that he'll be stuck as a ram forever. Things work out in the end!

Character-wise, everyone's pretty shallow. Grey's a well-meaning goof, Ragear's an asshole, and each main sheep has its quirk. There's Ziko, who's smart but suspicious and disliked. Moz is a socially awkward guy who's also annoying in that he won't shut up (kind of like me) and doesn't know how to talk to the sheep he loves. Lyra's a kind-hearted ewe who runs a beauty salon and watches out for her impulsive younger brother who needs rescuing a couple of times. There's the pudgy sheep who likes eating, the superstitious sheep, the seagull who pretends he's a sheep, the hon hon hon arrogant French sheep, and a musk ox. None of the few female characters are especially remarkable. Towards the end of the film you find out that Bianca is not to be trifled with, but most of the time her scenes feel like nude blue wolf furry fanservice.

In terms of character design, the male wolves are very triangular with broad shoulders, narrow waists, and five-fingered hands (except for one of them who only has four). The sheep have a (slightly) wider range of designs. Most have short curly wool and smooth faces, some with horns or a bit of facial fuzz. Some are fuzzy all over, and all of them have three-fingered hands. I bring this up because when Grey becomes a sheep, the story relies on no one being able to easily recognize his former self (despite one character having before-and-after photos). Grey's fur pattern kind of reverses and he grows horns; his ears, tail, hands and feet change, and there's maybe a slight shift in his facial features.

So overall, it's super-furry, well-animated, but the plot is very juvenile. On the bright side, no toilet humor! I don't think this is the sort of film I'd sit down to show to friends, but I think the tolerance levels for its furriness versus its plot are going to vary a lot from person to person. If you survived watching Alpha & Omega, you'll survive this, easy. It's got appeal for furry wolf fans, if you don't mind the sheep during most of it. (I'm tempted to edit my copy down to something more streamlined, which I would show to friends.) 041b061a72


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