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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Myron Markov
Myron Markov

The Island Castaway Hack

for upgrading the boats, the more passengers you have, the more resources you get. if you have a bigger boat, you will have more abilities. you can also buy upgrades, cars, pick-ups, boats, galleys, cargo vans, etc. to add more items to your boat.

The Island Castaway Hack

and in the end, you can buy the best things to add to your island. there are the treehouses and the apartment, the helipad, and even the military base. collect all of these items to have an almost complete village.

then, of course, the islanders come and visit you, you can get their health, and they will even ask you to dig their wells. when there are all of these things being added, you will have a really simple game where you can just relax and have fun! because of all of the things that you get, it will be so much fun and your island will be so complete, you will always come back to it! and the only way to get away is to visit another island.

when you get the island, you will see that it is not one island but a series of islands, the main one, the islands, has a harbor where you get the very first ship and then, you will be able to cross to other places.

this is an adventure game. your goal is to reach the end. the game is an exploration of an adventurous island. the amount of action on screen is quite extreme. when you'll be having a break in your wanderings, you can get to know the island and its secrets. the first thing to do, is finding and exploring. discover the treasures and gold. look for an exit, if the map is full of pink, it's time to leave. you don't need to worry too much about the time, you can always continue, to get to the next location.


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