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I was told that I would be reimbursed for my windshield wipers, so I bought them on sale. And when I called up, I was told by Endurance that they would have to have me approved first before they would give me money for it. So that did not sit well. Then I had a deal with the dealer here for oil changes because when I first got here, they made an offer for me. So I'm not using the savings for oil changes from Endurance because I can't double dip with a sealer. Other than that, I'm not dissatisfied with them, but I really haven't use the warranty and I'm learning how to use it more than anything else.

I got a recommendation from a service writer at a dealership for an Endurance warranty. They use that at the dealership and they didn't have any problems with them. When I signed up, I also didn't have any problem them. Warranties protect you against large and expensive breakdowns, like computerization, electronics, and air conditioning systems, which can go bad pretty easily. But in getting a warranty, you should read the fine print and make sure that it covers what you want it to cover because there are a lot of exclusions in a lot of them.

I was told about the Endurance offers, specials, and all of my benefits. I said that I was gonna be searching around, and the people said that they would send me the paperwork so I could go over it. I printed it all off. They did a pretty good job. The only thing that I didn't like is they require me to get an oil change within 30 days. Then I have to call them when I'm at the place where I'm getting my oil changed. I wish I could just send in a receipt instead. I had already gotten an oil change and then it was null and void because I didn't call them first. Also, with their hours of operation, if I need services on the weekend and they're closed, that's not a good convenient thing for me. Then I just got a letter from them yesterday saying that the prices have changed and for me to call them back. I'm probably gonna drop them if the price is gonna go up.

When I spoke with their representative, he sounded very knowledgeable. It was kind of a mixture of a sales pitch and knowledge. It wasn't extremely pushy. He was a good sales representative. With other companies, there was too much talking and too fast talking.

When I talked to their rep, I asked him one question that he really couldn't answer and that kind of bothered me. I asked about the bad ratings up here and why people say Endurance didn't cover their car problems. He was beating around the bush and he didn't answer it to my satisfaction. I see that they don't focus on a bad review and they need to. More customer service reps need to explain it better than just telling me what they want me to hear and not answering the question. But they were very respectful.

The signup process worked out really well. At first I was reluctant because the reps talked fast. I would stop and ask them another question. There were more details to it than what they were telling me. And so I had them email me with some of the information so I could read it also. Everything seemed to be factual from what they were stating. Having a warranty is a peace of mind.

The rep from Endurance was professional. He sent me a package in the mail and told me to read the package because there were a lot of stuff they gave me that they didn't even go through when they talked to me. When I read the package, there were probably a couple of hundred dollars' worth of oil changes and all that stuff they give you for free.

Signing up was quite easy. I talked with Endurance to be sure as to what they covered, and would it go with my car anywhere. They said that as long as the technicians were certified, and those at Toyota are certainly certified. So I'm going to try that tomorrow because I'm getting my car serviced first thing in the morning.

I had a previous warranty with Endurance on my BMW Z4. They've completely rebuilt its transmission. They did some stuff to the front end and some other things that had to be done. They saved me somewhere in the neighborhood of $8,000 or $9,000 over the time that I had it with my Z4 so I figured it was worth the investment. It paid for itself. This time, I did a search on them and seeing that they were number one, I called them. They realized I was a repeat customer, and they gave me a discount. I'm anticipating I would get good service from them. I hope I never have to use it. But you never know until something happens, and then hopefully, it'll be something that's covered.

A friend mentioned Endurance and when I looked on ConsumerAffairs it was on there. The reps were knowledgeable and on-point with what I wanted. I was just asking questions and doing more research, and when they broke it down for me, I decided to do it. Endurance is highly recommended. They make the buying experience super simplified.

The lady from Endurance that called me was very thorough throughout the information on the system, explaining everything, and she offered a discount. She was definitely a top customer service person there. I kind of wanted to get it over with, so I decided to go for it. The plan options were great.

I called Endurance and the person I spoke to was very professional and knowledgeable. That person encouraged me to sign up right then but I couldn't, so they gave me a follow-up call late in the day. They needed information about the car. The sign-up process was relatively easy. The only thing was I sent a follow-up email because when I initially got the information from doing the research online, there was something advertised about a discount. I haven't gotten a response back yet. Other than that, everything so far has been great.

The rep was very professional. I was very pleased. Because when you're given your money, you want to be overwhelmed and I was happy that that was what he did. He took me to a place where I wanted to be and I was happy to pay and get it done.

I tried CarShield but I had trouble finding places around here that accepted them. I've switched over to Endurance because several dealers told me that they take it. Customer service was fine and they made the signup process simple.

My dealer said that they took Endurance but not CarShield, so I called Endurance right away and requested an extended warranty program. They set me up with a program and I went ahead and took it. Customer service was good. But after I looked at their programs, it seemed I was better insured with CarShield. CarShield covers bumper-to-bumper and it's not exclusive. With Endurance, I was led to believe they were going to cover everything but when I got the paperwork, there were multiple exclusions. I have a very nice 2016 Chevrolet Traverse LT with the premium package and it's extremely accessorized. It has a premium package on it. Endurance didn't cover some of the things that were in my car and those would be very expensive to replace. I want to cancel with Endurance.

The plan was very reasonable and the price was great. The reps were very responsive and answered all my questions. I even went and asked my mechanic what it was like on their side. They recommended Endurance and many of the people there use them as well.

Out of seven websites I looked at, Endurance was number one for most of them. I ended up calling a bunch of places and Endurance was pretty much on the spot. They did a negotiation with me and then I paid the policy in full. Everything came out pretty good. I talked to different people over the phone but there was great customer service from the beginning.

I talked to a couple of Endurance reps and the experience with all of them was great. The first one told me the heating and the AC were covered. But then when he sent me to the verifier, they told me that the heating wasn't covered. So I asked about it. The guy that was verifying told me, "I'm gonna send you back to them, and they'll correct it." So they sent me back to correct it. Then it was a different person, a lady this time and she took care of me the same way the other guy did. She made sure that the heat was on there and the AC too. It could have been a misunderstanding or miscommunication. But the next person definitely took care of me then after that. I'm very satisfied. The package sounds great.

I looked up a couple of things and every single time I put something in there to look it up, Endurance was the first one that popped up. I was like, "Okay. Well, they must be good." The rep I worked with was very informative, answered all my questions and was really nice about it. He told me I could get three oil changes a year and like certain things for regular service. 041b061a72


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