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Black Widow(2021) __FULL__

Disney's president of marketing Asad Ayaz said that after Black Widow was delayed from its original May 2020 release date, the marketing team paused their campaign for the film. Once they began working towards a new release date in 2021, they were able to use character looks and story points that they had not revealed in the initial campaign to build a new approach to the film. Ayaz explained that they did not want it to feel like they had returned to the same marketing campaign, which focused on the Black Widow symbol and her black costume. The marketing team differentiated the new campaign by featuring the character's white costume from the film instead, and by focusing on her legacy as an Avenger.[159] The campaign featured 30 brands, including co-branded opportunities with GEICO, Ziploc, BMW, and Synchrony Bank. Additional custom partnerships occurred with Fandango, YouTube, Roku, TikTok, Amazon, a Twitter E3 gaming sponsorship, and announcements, posters, and collectibles for the various premium theater experiences such as IMAX.[5]

Black Widow(2021)

In September 2020, Barbie released two Black Widow dolls featuring the black and white outfits worn by Romanoff in the film.[160] Marvel released another trailer for the film in April 2021, which Austen Goslin at Polygon felt was a new "final" trailer for the film's new release date. He said it only had a few new scenes in it but provided the best look yet at Taskmaster. Goslin highlighted the Russian-inspired version of The Avengers theme music used at the end of the trailer.[161] Germain Lussier of io9 also highlighted the use of The Avengers theme, feeling that the music combined with footage from previous MCU films as well as flashback moments of Natasha and her family made the trailer feel more epic than the previous final trailer. Lussier said it was a trailer that "gets you excited for the return" of MCU films.[162] Ethan Anderton of /Film said the "epic" free-falling fight with Taskmaster showcased in the trailer "looks like a sequence unlike any other" in the MCU.[163] The trailer received over 70 million views in its first 24 hours.[164] On July 5, Moneymaker: Behind the Black Widow, a half-hour documentary special centered on Johansson's stunt double Heidi Moneymaker, premiered on ESPN+ as part of ESPN's E60 series. The special was directed by Martin Khodabakhshian and narrated by Johansson. A subsequent, eight-minute version of the special aired on ESPN's Outside the Lines on July 10.[165][166] An episode of the series Marvel Studios: Legends was released on July 7, exploring Black Widow using footage from her previous MCU appearances.[167]

During the opening scene set in 1995, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents fire what appear to be Beretta 92FS pistols at Natasha's family's plane as they attempt to escape from the USA. Two Berettas with wooden grips with the Black Widow logo and three pistols with regular black plastic grips are seen on the table in the Red Room during the opening credits. What appears to be a Beretta 92FS is seen in the holster of a police officer involved in some kind of riot in Dreykov's video. A Beretta 92FS pistol hangs on a weapon rack in Melina's armory.

Sure, the family that Yelena grew up with was a fabrication. But its members could still like each other. Maybe even love each other. That grows more and more obvious as the film wears on, and the bond between Yelena and her famous sister feels especially strong. Both are willing to make some pretty serious sacrifices to save their black-wardrobed sistren.

Dreykov was a stocky man with very pale skin, striking features, and brown eyes, his hair was also brown although greying and thinning at the top and neatly combed and he had light stubble. He was seen wearing an expensive blue business suit with a matching shirt and black leather shoes. He also wore black thick framed glasses and a coded gold ring with a red jewel on top which acted as a key to help him control the widows.

In 1995, Dreykov looked mostly the same as he did in 2016. However, his skin appeared healthier since he had not yet resided himself to the Red Room away from the sun. His hair was fully brown and he had a thick mustache and wore sunglasses as well as a tracksuit, which he would later add a black trench coat over the top of during the night. 041b061a72


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