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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Waylon Reed
Waylon Reed

Secret Escort (2019) PORTABLE

Emma calls Connor to the archive room for spontaneous sex in an attempt to reinvigorate their relationship. When Connor refuses, Emma breaks up with him. Jack asks her out to dinner and the two begin a passionate relationship. Jack, however, remains secretive. Emma's roommate and best friend, Lissy, cautions her that their relationship may be too one-sided.

Secret Escort (2019)

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Jack discusses Panda's products on television with the office watching. He describes the company's new target demographic as the "girl on the street", and going into greater detail begins describing Emma, listing all of her secrets. Although he doesn't name her, her coworkers realize it is her and begin mocking her. Jack realizes too late what he's done. Emma refuses to take his calls. When he finds her at a coffee shop, Emma demands to know why he has been going to Chicago. Jack is reluctant and Emma leaves. Lissy and their other roommate, Gemma, suggest Emma get even by revealing his secrets. Gemma suggests a tabloid reporter friend help find details about Chicago but Emma declines.

Jack reveals the reason for his trips to Chicago: he has been working to ensure that his goddaughter stays out of the spotlight after the death of her father so she can have a normal life. Gemma arrives just then with her reporter friend and Jack leaves in anger. Emma tracks him down on a plane back to Chicago. She assures him she told the reporter nothing and expresses gratitude that he loved her when she was her true self. He then begins to reveal all of his secrets to her.

Additionally, the Secret Service has been directed to protect certain Cabinet-level officials -- including the secretary of Homeland Security and secretary of treasury -- and senior White House staff often considered critical to national security, including the White House chief of staff and national security adviser.

Within the State Department, the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) has a high-profile personal protective function as well, highlighted whenever the secretary of state travels overseas. The secretary of state detail is DSS's largest permanent dignitary protective detail.

The highest profile is, of course, the secretary of defense, who receives their protection via the U.S. Army Protective Services Battalion (CID), who also cover the deputy secretary of defense, the chairman and vice chairman, joint chiefs, the secretary of the Army, the chief of staff of the Army, the vice chief of staff of the Army, their foreign counterparts on official visits to the United States and other Department of Defense High Risk Personnel as directed.

During the General Assembly, a major annual event held by the United Nations, the City of New York will host heads of state and diplomats from 193 nations. To help ensure the safety of visitors and New Yorkers, the NYPD and its law enforcement partners on the federal, state and local levels will provide thousands of highly-trained uniformed and plain-clothes officers throughout the entire event. Thousands of NYPD vehicles will be a part of the approximately 200 escort convoys. Additionally, Department of Sanitation sand trucks will be deployed with additional blocker vehicles. Concrete blocks, jersey barriers, and surface mounted delta vehicle barriers have also been placed at potentially-sensitive locations. Anyone who sees suspicious activity should alert a police officer or call 911.

Though they're meant to be secret, the code names quickly become public either through government filings, sources who leak them to news outlets, or when agents are overheard at public events. Since new technology has allowed security agents to monitor officials in a variety of ways, the names aren't so top-secret anymore.

Kroeker, according to a person with direct knowledge, had assured his colleagues that the mission would be easy. But while the Americans were well-armed, they lacked other basic provisions of a secret security operation for hire: insurance coverage, a medical evacuation plan, legal authority to bring their weapons into Haiti, or an escape plan if things went bad.

By Western standards, the lives of the women Zoepf portrays are almost unimaginably constrained and some of the stories told are extremely striking. We learn how family members arrange their marriages to men they have never spoken to at all; how grown women in Saudi Arabia are assigned male guardians who must approve their every move and escort them anywhere they go; and how the religious studies of Syrian women meet with suspicion and censure. 041b061a72


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