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Myron Markov
Myron Markov

Programma Ac Dc Skachat Torrent

Recently I installed BitComet. Now when I click a torrent magnet link from chrome it opens with BitComet though I changed the settings of BitComet to not to be the default program to open magnet links. I couldn't find default magnet link settings in μTorrent. I want my default program to open magnet links to be μTorrent.I'm using Windows 8.1 and my browser is Chrome, I want to make the default program to open magnet links to be μTorrent.

programma ac dc skachat torrent

The problem is that windows is missing some registry stuff for magnet links. In most torrent programs, you can check some option to make your program the preferred magnet handler. Checking that option adds the needed registry info. But Deluge doesn't have any such option.

This will result in nothing happening when you click magnet links. The reason it doesn't work, is because there's a few other details that need to go into the magnet subkey in the registry. There's two ways to add those details. The easy way is to just install a modern torrent client like qbittorrent. The necessary registry stuffs will be created. then you can change the registry path so that it points to Deluge insead of QBittorent. 041b061a72


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